Chimney Repairs are 50% of our leak repairs and easy to spot.  If your chimney has cracks and flashing issues like this call today.

Metal Roof Repair Services!  Emergency Tarp Because 3 Days Of Snow Was Hours Away!

Roof Repairs Services In the Tri-Cities. Leaky Roof Repair, Missing Shingles, Chimney Repair, Metal or Shingle roofs. Free Estimates In Midland, Bay City, and Saginaw.

Reasonably priced roof repair specialists in the Tri-Cities.  Call us today call an appointment and we will fix your damaged or leaky roof.

Our experienced roofers can:

  • Stop your leak
  • Missing Shingle Repairs
  • Metal Roof Repairs
  • Replace Missing Flashing
  • Flashing Repairs
  • Rubber Roof Repair
  • Chimney Repairs
  • Partial Roof Replacement
  • Gutter Repair or Replacement
  • Free Roof Replacement Estimate If Your Roof Is Beyond Repair



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Andrew K.
51d ago

They put in the elbow work to make sure the surfaces were ready for paint rather than just slapping on a coat of paint. I would recommend them.

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